So who is this guy?

Roger has been around a long time, arriving in Seattle with only a backpack in 1973 to attend the University of Washington. Since then he’s worked quietly in the background on numerous important issues and causes.

Mediator and Facilitator

Trained first as a scientist, then as a lawyer, Roger these days is first and foremost a mediator adept at bringing parties together to hear each other and facilitate resolving  difficult conflicts.  He currently runs a nonprofit, Projects for a Civil Society teaching conflict transformation, PTSD recovery and alternatives to violence in schools, prisons,  jails, and other institutions. His facilitation work has seen him bring violent gang leaders together in prison, helped teachers handle classroom conflict more productively, helped incarcerated veterans reconnect with their better selves, and in partnership with the State Department and World Affairs Council he has taught nonviolent conflict transformation for groups ranging from Afghan imams and religious scholars, NGO leaders from Syria, Pakistani leaders, Kenyan University administrators, to youth from Iraq, Myanmar, Mexico and Brazil.

Scientist and Environmental Attorney

  Roger started his professional career first as a wildlife biologist and then an environmental and land use attorney.  You can read about his 26 years of environmental protection work here.

Opposing Mass Incarceration and the School to Prison Pipeline

In 2004 and 2005 Roger was a lobbyist in Olympia for Quaker Voice working for changes in law and policy to reduce prison populations, reduce recidivism, and make transition for prisoners back into society simpler and successful.  He went on to become a facilitator and later the national president of what is perhaps the largest prison anti-violence program in the country with the Alternatives to Violence Project. He has spent 2,000 hours sitting in prison groups facilitating life changes for over 1,000 prisoners. He has trained teachers in alternatives to discipline, and students in alternatives to conflict and violence. For the last two years he has been working with incarcerated veterans with PTSD helping them deal with addiction, homelessness, and alienation.  He has worked in schools training staff, teachers and student in positive conflict resolution and trauma informed care.  You can read more about his work on prison, schools and youth violence issues here.

 International Conflict Work

As the director and a facilitator for Projects for a Civil Society Roger has run trainings in conflict transformation for Afghan Imams, Pakistani community leaders, Syrian NGO leaders, Kenyan University students and administrators, youth from Myanmar, Brazil, Iraq, and Mexico – all told for participants from 31 countries. He also traveled with the Alternatives to Violence Project training facilitators in Guatemala and El Salvador.