Capable Compassionate Experienced

Roger is running for the City Council at-large position 8, currently held by Tim Burgess. Roger brings a powerful blend of science, 20 + years of environmental law work, expertise in violence prevention and recovery, and  mediation experience.

Mostly though, Roger would bring compassion to the City Council. Roger has sat with people in all manner of suffering – in mediation foreclosures trying to save people homes, with the parents of incarcerated children, with the incarcerated, with the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, with combat veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, with survivors of war, civil war and genocide. He believes first and foremost government needs to reduce suffering, whether that is homelessness, trauma, incarceration, mental illness, or trying to raise a family on inadequate wages.

Roger is dedicated to attacking problems at their root causes, not responding to their symptoms and effects. He believes our government money should be spent wisely and effectively. It should be directed to the real problems, and not band-aid “solutions”.   In his work with veterans he learned that you can send a veteran to drug court and treatment over and over – but until you treat their PTSD, the cause of their addiction,  it will not take. He applies this lesson to all problems.  What is the cause? Let’s take that on. Let’s stop throwing money at symptoms of larger underlying problems and get to the root!